Shifu Safari - 60 Animals in 4D (2-10 years)

Shifu Safari - 60 Animals in 4D (2-10 years)

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Make screen time fun & educational with Shifu's Augmented Reality games! Designed by early childhood experts and parents, Shifu Space innovatively combines mobile devices and physical play.

Shifu promotes imagination, self- learning, and creativity. Enhances motor skills. Improves vocabulary through a fun game of learning spellings and correct pronunciations.

How It Works:
1. Download the FREE Shifu app on your mobile or tablet from app store (Android device OS Kitkat 4.4 or above | iOS 8.0 or above | 1 GB RAM).
2. After one-time app setup, scan the flashcards with the app. 
3. Enjoy the live 3D model on screen with sounds, actions, puzzles & many more interactions!