Little Moppet Foods Protein Powder (100 gm)

Little Moppet Foods

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What if you could do nothing and lose more weight than before? It’s possible, if you increase your resting metabolism rate – which is the rate at which you burn calories. And to increase that, we need muscles! Building muscle mass is not just for body builders, all of us need it. Especially if we want to stay fit. And for muscles to develop, we need proteins. Protein is an essential component of your daily diet, especially if you’re attempting to lose weight. Including a good protein source like Little Moppet Foods’ Protein Delight Powder in your diet keeps you full and reduces cravings for junk food. When you workout and consume protein, your body burns fat and retains muscle, giving you that lean, toned look. Our Protein Delight Powder takes care of your protein needs and more through its healthy, organic ingredients. Sunflower seeds are extremely rich in Vitamins E & B1 along with trace minerals like copper, manganese, selenium, phosphorous. They help calm the nerves, muscles and blood vessels after a stressful event like childbirth. Oats help in appetite control and also promote relaxation. Pumpkin seeds are very high in zinc and antioxidants. Chia seeds have a surprisingly high protein by weight ratio, and are also full of antioxidants. The best part – it’s 100% natural, free from additives and preservatives as well as added flavors or colors. Just stir 2 spoonfuls of the Protein Delight Powder into your glass of warm milk and drink up the goodness!