Little Moppet Foods Instant Rice Khichdi Powder Moongdal (200 gm)

Little Moppet Foods

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A Quick & Wholesome Baby Meal Feed your baby the timeless comfort food that you have grown up with – the wholesome Khichdi! With Little Moppet Food’s Instant Rice Khichdi Powder (with Moongdal) you don’t even have to pressure-cook or blend it into a puree. All you need is piping hot water and a steaming bowl of smooth, creamy khichdi is ready for your little monster to gobble up! This ease of preparation also makes it an unbeatable travel food for your tot. Our Instant Rice Khichdi powder gives your baby the classic combination of energy and protein. And it’s so versatile, you can add many different things to suit your baby’s tastes and diet needs. Add a tiny dollop of ghee or mash some boiled veggies into it – like carrot, potato, lauki (bottle gourd), beetroot or palak (spinach). Or stir in a spoonful of curd. Whichever way you feed it, this classic comfort food will never disappoint! (For kids older than 6 months)